Tier 16 Sets

Patch 5.4 introduced the final raid tier for Mists of Pandaria, the Siege of Orgrimmar, and with it came a whole new range of Tier armor. This article provides an overview of the Tier 16 sets.

Siege of Orgrimmar brought with it a brand new raid mode – Flexible. Flex raids have their own level of tier armor, but share a visual appearance with Normal mode sets. As such, there are still three colourations for each classes’ tier armor, as with all raid tiers since Dragon Soul.

We also have an overview article for Tier 16 Lookalike Sets, which are not class specific.

Click on the thumbnails below to visit detailed articles for each of the sets.

Raid Finder Tier 16 Sets (Item Level 528)

Flexible/Normal Tier 16 Sets (Item Level 540/553)

Heroic Tier 16 Sets (Item Level 566)

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