Tier 16 Lookalike Sets

There are lookalike sets available from Siege of Orgrimmar which correspond to each of the thirty-three Tier 16 sets. They are precise visual copies of the tier sets, but without the class restrictions.

Twenty-five of the sets are complete, with matching items available for each armor slot. Eight sets (all mage, all priest and two druid) are missing a matching leg item, but are otherwise complete.

Sadly, some of the Raid Finder and Flexible copies can be particularly difficult or impossible for certain classes/specs to obtain, despite the lack of class restriction, due to the LFR/Flex loot systems. This problem doesn’t occur with Normal or Heroic loot, as that is handled by players and not the automated looting system.

Click on the thumbnails below to visit detailed articles for each of the sets.

Raid Finder Tier 16 Lookalike Sets (Item Level 528)

Flexible/Normal Tier 16 Lookalike Sets (Item Level 540/553)

Heroic Tier 16 Lookalike Sets (Item Level 566)

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